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Hydraulic Power Take-Off (PTO)

Key Benefits

The Hydraulic Power Take-off makes a mobile usage of any hydraulic equipment possible. Every vehicle can have some type of Hydraulic Power Take-off.

  • Equip a vehicle with pieces of hydraulic equipment making the vehicle more versatile
  • Advantages of hydraulic reliability to any vehicle
  • One year warranty


DYNASET experts help you to choose a correct hydraulic PTO-type according to a vehicle and need. In addition to this, the Hydraulic Power Take-Off has good features

  • The belt drive PTO’s belt gearing center distance is adjustable.
  • PTOs also available for ATV’s and UTV’s
  • For any engine type
  • Available with an adjustable-displacement hydraulic pump or fixed-placement hydraulic pump


  • A belt drive PTO is for situations when a vehicle doesn’t have SAE or DIN-type attaching point for PTO. The power is taken from the crankshaft with the belt. The belt drive PTO can be installed into any vehicle and it can be used while driving. Vans and pick-ups are common vehicles for the belt drive PTO.
  • An engine PTO is used when the engine has SAE or DIN-type attaching point for the PTO. The engine PTO can be used while driving and it can handle a lot of power. Most of the modern trucks have SAE or DIN-type attaching point for PTO. For example, refrigerated transports are one possible application for the engine PTO.
  • A transmission PTO can be installed if the transmission has SAE or DIN-type attaching point. The transmission PTO can be used while the vehicle is stationary. Applications like pipe cleaning units can be powered this way.
  • Split shaft PTO is implemented to Cardan shaft and it can be used while the vehicle is stationary. When the splitter is activated the power is taken from the Cardan shaft to the piece of hydraulic equipment e.g. power washer.
  • A crankshaft coupling PTO can be used without SAE or DIN-type attaching point. This type of PTO can also be used while driving. It takes the power straightly from the crankshaft without a belt or so.

How Does the Hydraulic Power Take-Off Work?

The Hydraulic Power Take-Off converts the power of the carrier engine to hydraulic power.

  1. PTO transfers the power of the engine to a hydraulic pump.
  2. The hydraulic pump produces a hydraulic oil flow and pressure.
  3. The hydraulic oil flow is led to the piece of hydraulic equipment through the pressure line and back to the system’s hydraulic oil tank through the return line.

Suitable machinery

Vans, Pick-up Trucks & Service Vehicles

Trucks, Concrete Trucks & Mobile Cranes

Fire Engines & Rescue Vehicles

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) & Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV)

Boats & Ships

Used in industries

Construction and Earthmoving

Drilling, Mining and Quarrying

Demolition and Recycling

Transportation, Shipping and Aviation

Environment and Infrastructure

Service and Maintenance

Property Management

Forestry, Agriculture and Fur Farming


Firefighting, Rescue and Military

Special vehicles and Process Industry

走開hore and subsea

Technical details

Power max. kW 9 40
Flow max. l / min(美國流量) 30 (7.9) custom
Pressure max. bar (psi) 180 (2600) custom


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